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Год 2012

MRSK Center (IDGC-Interregional Distribution Grid Company)
Market research on commercial services in power energy sector. Determining areas of strong demand for services in the electric grid business.
    Our project:
  • Market research on commercial services in energy sector
  • Areas of strong demand for services in the electric grid business
  • List of services, market size in physical and value terms in different regions, local price levels, main competitors (which take considerable part of the market) and their market share and volume of services, company’s market position relevant to other major players
  • Customer segmentation

Год 2011

Lafarge Cement
Analysis of operational reliability of 110kV and 220kV power grids in the vicinity of Lafarge manufacturing site – VoskresenskCement.
    Our project:
  • Analysis of external 110kV network connection design (electrical networks of MOESK – Moscow Grid Company) and development of several solutions of the cement plant’s connection to 220kV grids (at least two grids, owner: FSK – Federal Grid Company). Evolution of supply and demand equilibrium in Moscow Grid (Voskresensk city) and the Region in 2010-2030
  • Power flows. Outage risks. Risks of power constraints.
Gazprom Energoholding
Proposals for the Russian electricity and capacity market model
    Our project:
  • Analysis of drivers of retail price growth in select regions of Russia in 2010-2011
  • Required earnings profile of key market participants (generators, network infrastructure operators and retailers)
  • Development of change proposals for the existing market model which will ensure wholesale price control in the short and longer term (until 2015)

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