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The Energy Development Fund is an independent non-governmental engineering organization involved in the design of Russian energy sector development. The Fund was established in 2007 in attempt to address the challenges which stemmed from the momentous events in Russian energy complex.

The company consolidated the best practices of energy professionals by aggregating the competencies in marketing research, R&D and engineering of energy facilities.

We joined forces in order to probe the current state and trends in the development of Russian energy system, test their alignment with the economical and social strategies of our country and offer options for modernizing the system by leveraging modern engineering solutions and advanced technologies.

The Fund comprises a team of some of the most reputable experts in energy industry who earned their recognition by the professional community and Russian government authorities.

Our clients appreciate the competences and expertise of the company, which is asserted by RA Expert rating of the absolute leader in energy sector among strategy consulting groups.

Our success is linked with the processes of modernization and investment ongoing in Russian energy industry. Energy Development Fund measures its performance by the profit growth of its clients.

The Fund steers clear of biased surveys popular with influential political forces - we consistently uphold our independent outlook on the development of energy in our country.

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